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Last Words Of A Poet

A painter seeks a muse to be inspired, And poet seeks just a word to feel the urge. Urge to sew pearls called words together, To express the feelings of a tender heart.
What good are emotions unexpressed, Sulking alone in silence and feeling depressed. Let the heart speak out tonight without fear Let the words flow like the untamed river.
Why feel wasted trying to be perfect, Freedom is what the soul seeks, So hold back nothing, Express it all and go with the flow of life.
It was once said to me by an old man’s wife, Everything has an end and so does life. Let your words spread smile and joy today, Your life is transitory and you will be gone someday, And when you are gone, forever your words will stay.

A Minds Perspectives Of Life’s Perceptions

Are those stars, which are twinkling in the sky? I'm not drunk so don’t you try to lie. Are those shattered dreams of a common man? Or maybe they are a million hope of an honest child.
Many a ways to imagine a single object, Many a ways to face what comes your way. Trouble it is, if you envision it to be so, A solution perhaps if you believe in it.
Silly creatures most of us, rather all of us, We turn the simple to a monster called complex, And then we cry aloud and curse everyone else, Creating problem when there isn’t one, We stand depressed, killing our own smile.
Let the silly stay silly, Enjoy things the way they are, Don’t dig for things that don’t exist, Life is simple when you keep it simple.

If the journey was to end tonight

If it was to be my last night tonight, Will I regret for the mistakes of life.
Wonder why should I? No remorse, no regrets for days gone by, I had to commit them to know what is right.
It has never been all about sad and bruised memories, Have had the good times too, Some silly, some trivial and many unforgettable, It has always been a mix of distinct occasions, All that remains now is happy memories.
Strangers I met became friends for life, Friends I had became strangers for life. On most days, walked the path with love by my side, On other days it was just me and myself.
Lonely I have been many a times, Walking alone on a crowded street, Sipping beer alone on a packed beach, And then there were days I was one amongst the crowd, Laughing aloud on witty jokes with friends around.
Life never stopped, I moved along, Never caring that there would be an end after all, Tonight sitting in silence I ask myself, If it was to be my last night tonight, Will I regret for the mistakes of life.

Coloured Faces, Coloured Life!

I close my eyes and I see coloured faces, Some black, few white and others grey. I open my eyes and see few smiling faces, And I close my eyes again, The faces turn green, orange and pink.
Emotions and feelings may have no words to express, But the colours say it all. A depressed mind is caged in black and white, Beautiful colours of life are always out of sight.
Need to break out of the caged mind, Need to embrace the beauty called life. Colours are plenty for the one, who seeks, The shades keep changing, Yellow to orange, orange to red, As time goes by, they always multiply.
Lonely life is like a painter’s canvas, Clean yet lifeless like spotless white, You need to paint it bright, Throw away your worries to fly high like aimless kite.
Explore the world with no hurry, There is plenty to relish, plenty to be seen, Purple, blue and green, Colours of the world you have never seen.

A Walk To Remember

Walking on the rocky streets tonight, with you by my side,
I realised about the emotions that have been missing in my life.

I realised how special it is,
To have someone to listen to what I’ve to say,
To be someone who listens to what you have to say.
To have someone to share the silence,
To have a companion to share the thoughts,
I’ve been missing it all in my silly little life.

Emotions dumped and sealed within my silent heart,
Hiding my thoughts in the shadow of a straight face,
Wonder why I fail to express it all.

Lost in thoughts we reach the point of divide,
And then it’s time for us to walk apart,
We bid adieu with a smile and a good bye.

A few steps later I look back and search for you in the crowd,
May be I’m too late and you are long gone.
I walk back home with sweet silent memories,
With the hope that I would express it all someday,
For my heart believes, life’s going to change one day.