Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Coloured Faces, Coloured Life!

I close my eyes and I see coloured faces,
Some black, few white and others grey.
I open my eyes and see few smiling faces,
And I close my eyes again,
The faces turn green, orange and pink.

Emotions and feelings may have no words to express,
But the colours say it all.
A depressed mind is caged in black and white,
Beautiful colours of life are always out of sight.

Need to break out of the caged mind,
Need to embrace the beauty called life.
Colours are plenty for the one, who seeks,
The shades keep changing,
Yellow to orange, orange to red,
As time goes by, they always multiply.

Lonely life is like a painter’s canvas,
Clean yet lifeless like spotless white,
You need to paint it bright,
Throw away your worries to fly high like aimless kite.

Explore the world with no hurry,
There is plenty to relish, plenty to be seen,
Purple, blue and green,
Colours of the world you have never seen.

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