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The Day When Heart Triumphed The Mind

The world is pretentious, so are you, As much as we all want to deny, it’s still true. It makes all feel like unsettled souls, The emptiness makes us realize, We are nothing but hollow within.
It’s a murky business, we hate it, Day in and day out it makes us Ask questions we never ask aloud. Dark thoughts engulf our minds, We try and deal with them in silence.
And then one fine day, it happens, The heart triumphs the mind. We unshackle our burdened spirit, Finally liberating ourselves, our core. It’s just the beginning of a story, A story we always wanted to live.

-VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace

Silly moments of joy

Silly moments of joy, Their life seemed to have aplenty. The unforgettable kiss, The bewitching smile, The moments of silence, Shared with affection Between the known unknowns.
They fought together, The pain and misery. The believed and lived, With harmony and peace. Life's little moments of joy, They celebrated all of them It was an unexplained bond, Between the known unknowns.
The sunsets and sunrises, The nights with shining stars, The moonless nights of darkness, They lived through them all, With limitless love and undying care, They were bonded together Forever by warmth and affection, It was a silent promise, Between the known unknowns.

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace