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Thoughts of a Gabby On Life

"You want to lead an uncompromised life,  You want to be the rebel you are not,  But in the end you shy away from deep desires.

Mesmerising Music, The True Heartbeat.

With music playing in the background, A travel begins seated in the chair. Just let yourself be absorbed in the vibes, With every note you see a new world.

The Journey Called Life Continues.....

It sure doesn’t matter to me how long it’s been since I last posted my thoughts on my blog. What sure incites my soul is that I am attempting to find my way back to doing what I like doing the most –“Writing cause I love to.”
I am not sure if it’s a moonless night or starlit sky outside. Well either ways beauty exists in both. Such is life too, if you have the right attitude you can enjoy it even in the darkest hour as much as you enjoy it duringyour life’s happiest moments.
Walking back home each day I meet a florist. Well she is not the one who owns an air conditioned store with fancy packaging service. She is just another ordinary woman trying to earn her living, weaving the flowers together on the street side. A complete stranger to me, yet when I pass by her we exchange smile. Her smile reflects satisfaction. Satisfaction, that she is enjoying her petty job more than that of the man who stops his swanky car on the street to pick flowers from her every day.
Sitting now in solitude …