Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Mesmerising Music, The True Heartbeat.

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With music playing in the background,
A travel begins seated in the chair.
Just let yourself be absorbed in the vibes,
With every note you see a new world.

No words are spoken, No lyrics being heard,
No one but music alone is the guide,
You keep drifting with the sound,
Drifting towards the familiar unknown.

Head swinging with joy and ecstasy,
The mind engrossed and floating with every beat,
Waste no time to find the rationality,
It’s time to let go and embrace the reality.

-       VJ says ~ cheers AND peace!


  1. Music is always the culprit for the transportation frm reality to fantasy! But God! Is that a rejuvenating relief!!!
    Well written! :)
    Cold wings of fire

    1. Well said Pranita... its indeed a fantastic journey to the fantasy world.... Thanks for visiting the blog :)

  2. Music can actually take you places - places one wouldn't dare go without that rhythm in the head. Loved visiting you!

    1. Thanks Kirti for visiting my blog... The journey of music is mystical :)

  3. Hello.
    Everyday, I start and end my days with a dose of my favorite music by the greats: Mukesh, Lata, Kishore & Rafi. Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

    1. Hey Andy.. Fantastic choice of singers.. Kishore Da is my favorite too


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