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#NoGyanJustBakwaas By Gabby VJ on #Philosophy

"Sometimes it might sound pointless to live a life you had not wished for, But then it’s never worth giving up a life you have for something you still don't have. Until you get to your destination its important you enjoy the journey, Its better to be philosophical than being cynical, any day."
- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!

#NoGyanJustBakwaas By Gabby VJ on #Life

"People talk about people around them,
Few disgruntled souls bitch about you,
Few kind souls at times praise you.
Neither be disheartened by the ones who bitch,
Nor feel delighted by the praises.
You are here to accomplish your own dreams,
What people talk is just another distraction."

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!

Colour My Soul, Colour me Bright...

It all looks so colourful outside, But I sense the darkness within. In search of colours to brighten my soul, I step outside the imaginary walls, And so does the new journey begin.
Never been certain what colour was my soul, But it sure was not grey as now. May be it was pink with love, May be even yellow with joy, Or maybe it was red, blue and green.
Wonder aloud where did I lose those colours? What made them go light and disappear? Was it the pain I brought upon myself? Or was it all just my fear?
It’s time now to smash out of the shell, Heaven within awaits with open arms. It’s time now to soak myself in joy, It’s time now to smile and ring the invisible bell.
-          VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace

Karma, Reality And Life !

No stories to tell, no poetries to recite just a thought to share triggered in my mind when I was walking back home after a tiring day at work. Why is it so hard to accept realities of life? Why we humans are so bent on complicating our lives?
Humans as I believe are born with a simple path and even simpler thoughts. But as we grow older we just complicate our life. Then we reach point when we look back at our present and shout aloud, 'Life is complex'.

We always find it hard to accept the realities of life. We like to defer it, hallucinate that the now we live is not what it is. Simply because it is not what we want it to be. Rather than accepting the present we have, we try to fight it in pursuit of something that we wish was the now!

Sometimes in life its important to face the current, the real, the present. It may not be all that good, but the ones with the courage to accept the now the way it is, are the ones who can move forward to create the life we wish to live.


We All Dream, But Only A Few Chase Them!

"Stay unsatisfied and hungry until you know you have got there,
Let not the fire and urge in you die.
Whatever it is that you are chasing, keep at it,
Age as they say is just a number and for humans it only keeps increasing,
Hope, Desires, Dreams, If you where to give it up all,
You sure will never be happy.
If you settled for less, you die for sure as an unhappy body 
with a soul craving for one more chance." 

#NoPhilosophyJustReality By Gabby VJ on #Dreams.

These are the exact words itched on my Facebook wall by me a few minutes ago. The wall was too small compared to the thoughts I had in my mind. There are approximately over 7 billion people inhibiting on the very same planet that I live. So approximately 7 billion dreams a few conscious and most unconscious dreams being dreamt this very moment. Most of them might not come true. The reason might be many but to me the reason is just one. The unfulfilled dreams are the ones which we gave up on.