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Positivity The Key To Clear Thoughts

It doesn't take a long time for people who criticize cynics to turn cynical themselves. If we were to deep dive within, we would realise that shades of hypocrisy resides within all of us. Some may disagree, to them I would say, it still exists within all and may be dormant for now.
As a society we all have individual opinions. More often than not we have opinions about everything. Even about topics about which we may not have complete understanding. Many of us turn arm chair critics. Walking forward on this path we become judgemental and eventually cynical.

Soul And Silence

He sat there on the lonely chair, It was a deserted room, No laughter’s, no whispers, Yet he could hear his cluttered soul.
There was absolute silence around, But there was no silence within, The conversation was not a monologue, Words were exchanged between him and his soul.


Some battles of life are to be fought alone. At times it may seem that all battles of life are being fought alone. I have come to realise and accept that there is no getting away from harsh realities. On the positive side if you were to fight them all with the right intent you will emerge only stronger. The consequence of these battles may or may not be in your favour.
I keep asking myself is this entire struggle just about survival? What about the intrinsic desire to live life to the fullest? Well I guess all these come along with some pre conditions. We simply can’t get away from certain responsibilities entrusted upon us by life, or can we?

Love Of Mystically Entwined Souls

Suppressed emotions buried in silence, Makes me feel alienated from your love. It was never meant to be this way, When we began the journey together.
I do know that love is still green, Hidden beneath the unspoken words. There are subtle signs in your silence, Whispering to me, that it’s just a phase.
I have not given up on our love, We have come a long way together. I am not giving up just yet, Not so soon, not now, not ever.
Our souls are entwined mystically, I can feel the warmth of our bond. Even as I look at you from a distance, The beats within continue to sing your name. -VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace

The Mortal Life and Its Story

Our life is a great mix of sugar, salt and lime, It’s like poetry with the right beat and rhyme. It’s undeniable that we all live a mortal life, Yet we want to believe absence of the hanging knife.
There is a battle being fought by us with time, Every changing phase we lose and win few dimes. All along the journey we live million emotions, Some dreams are shattered and some are realised.
Few defeats break us from within, Few victories make us feel invincible. Few situations make us question the purpose,    Yet we realise that reality is incontestable.
-VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace

Joy Of Life Is In NOW!

“Let’s fall in love, madly with now, Let’s not worry about why, what and how. Let’s not bother about the unseen, Now is the princess and the only true queen.”
As I stepped out of my office I could feel the rain drops slowly wetting the streets. It was a drizzle, a heavy rain would have been even better. But the drizzle was enough set off the unique fragrance of wet soil. As I walked down the road to catch an auto to get home, the drizzle got stronger so did the fragrance. At that precise moment I could feel a gentle smile blossoming on my face. I was enjoying it, wishing to get drenched in rain if it was to get heavy.
Such small silly moments have a lot of joy filled in them. The feeling of joy still lingered around even after it had stopped drizzling. It feels blissful to enjoy these moments. Somehow it makes me believe in the power of now. The present moment is the one which needs to be celebrated. The future is still few miles away. Until we get there and turn it into the new present, i…

New Day, New Beginning!

There few acts and action from which you derive immense happiness, but they don’t pay you to make a living off it. They may be hobbies you pursue, things that you do to have a happy soul. And somewhere down the journey you add the element of expectations to it. Instead of acts of selfless joy these turn to be acts of ego. Expectations somehow add to your miseries which you were already battling in life. Gradually you stop pursuing little acts of happiness and stay stuck in daily muddle of chasing the unknown to make a living.
Until one day you wake up after a sleepless night and speak to your inner self. Cry out loud, question self about your foolishness and then feel determined to start the journey rediscover self. You start to put together bits and pieces of the shattered self. Feel resurgent and decide to start pursuing those acts of selfless joy. Fully aware that the battle of life neither begins with self nor can be brought to an end. It only transforms to present new situations w…