Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Positivity The Key To Clear Thoughts

It doesn't take a long time for people who criticize cynics to turn cynical themselves. If we were to deep dive within, we would realise that shades of hypocrisy resides within all of us. Some may disagree, to them I would say, it still exists within all and may be dormant for now.

As a society we all have individual opinions. More often than not we have opinions about everything. Even about topics about which we may not have complete understanding. Many of us turn arm chair critics. Walking forward on this path we become judgemental and eventually cynical.

It takes even messier turn when we start becoming judgemental and cynical about ourselves. That’s when we start knocking on the doors of depression. And path ahead we all know is only going to be, well, depressing. Slowly we begin to feel the aura around and within turning negative. Many a times it’s too late before we realise what a mess we got ourselves into.

So what am I trying to get to? The only point I want to drive home is, we need to ensure vibes of positivity resonates in every action of ours. It would only help us to clear the haze around. Maybe it will help us to find better perspective about the life we lead.

I had written about the need for clarity of thoughts few days back. May be positivity is the required fuel which would help us develop clear thoughts.

VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace

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