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The Brave Angel

She fought a battle against immodest men, Then she fought a battle to tide against time, People took to streets with anguish and grief, She kept fighting a silent battle hopping to stay alive.
The men with cameras got busy with debating her story, Questions were asked, prayers were offered,  Protest grew louder, some blood was shed too.
And then the clock stood still, The brave girl’s heart had stopped beating. But this is not the moment for silence, The angel in her death had delivered the message, A battle has been lost, but the war awaits, to be won.
- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!

You Will Die With A Smile

The life that we lead may not be the life that we wanted. Happy or not we end up living it. At least most of us do and may be a few give up too early. But then it makes me think. We might be living the life we lead but there could be two different reasons to it. One set of people are leading it because they have given up hope of realizing their dreams. The other set of people are still hopeful that someday they will realise their dreams.
What separates the two is hope. Keeping the hope alive comes at a cost for all. Facing endless critics and battling umpteen cynics. There will be many such moments when you feel that it’s easier to give in than to battle them. But the key lies in clinging on to that last ounce of hope.
The other thing about life that always gets me thinking is people’s obsession for perfectness. Well I am referring to people who seek perfectness in people with whom they cohabitate.  Why is it so difficult to accept others the way they are? Its acceptance of one’s indiv…

Wisdom Beneath Unparallel Words

What’s white to me, Is black to you, What’s right to me, Is wrong to you. Truth is the biggest lie for some, In lie lies the truth for others.
You need not agree to what I say, I may never agree to what you think. You aren’t wrong the way you feel, May be its just the way you got to deal.
I might see freedom in flying high, You might simply term it as an escape. All I seek is some space to breath, You might say I am trying to flee.
Two earthlings may look the same, But no one ever said they think alike. What’s white to me, Is black to you, What’s right to me, Is wrong to you.
-          VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!

Until We Meet Again !!!

Avantika sat on the corner table gently rolling the golden liquid inside the glass. She gulped another sip of Highland Park, her favourite single malt whiskey from the glass. She lifted the glass in air and kept staring at the light through the glass. She gently placed the glass on the table and kept staring at the glass absentmindedly. It was the only day in the entire year she ever drank alcohol.