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Game Of Life!

Whenever things go astray in life we all do play the blame game. I am no exception I used to pass the buck too. Until one day the buck stopped with me!I believe if I’m sad today it has to do something with what I have done. After all “we are all creators of our own destiny!” a clich├ęd statement, but its often true.Now why did I sit down to write what I’m writing right now, well there is a reason. For the past week or so I have been feeling quiet awkward from within. Unable to find a way out, I saw myself suffering from within. We all sometimes fail to understand each other in the true sense. We all tend to make our own conclusion without probably knowing the whole truth. What’s important is to try to look beyond what you see. For life is not what you see, Life is actually much beyond it!I hope find my way back to being what I always loved to be. I hope to rediscover the real me. I hope to see myself smiling again genuinely! I know all this sounds so serious and complex! But I hope to …

Pain I Feel

Unable to express the pain I feel,
I suffer in silence day and night.
It all seems to be getting murkier
Life looks like a purposelessly flying kite.

Never wanted to revisit these tunnels of darkness,
But life seemed to have had other plans.
The ghost of misery comes back to haunt me
Everything around seems to have changed.

Stranded alone at the core of isolated land,
I search desperately for the sight of green grass.
Uncertain how far am I going to walk,
It not far before I shatter like a broken glass.

"Expression Of Love!"

"Expression Of Love!"

I wish I could tell you,
How much I love you.
But words fail to express,
My feelings for you.

My life was barren
No greenery of joy,
No flowers of smile.
But then you came into my life,
Just Like an angel you lit up my life.
Just as in spring new flowers take birth,
You filled my life with little moments of joy.

Then one day there was thunder and lightning,
Little did I realize it was advent of a storm?
I lost my little angel in the storm that I caused,
Gone was the smile and joy.
My life again looked barren,
I felt and I knew I was again a homeless little boy.

I wish I could tell you ,
How much I love you.
But words fail to express,
My feelings for you.

With you in my life,
I felt the joy of togetherness,
Just like two words that always rhyme,
I felt it when I met you for the first time.

I knew and I said,
“We are going to be the strength for each other,
We will sail the ocean of life together.”

Comeback oh my dear love,
I wait for you in the burning sun,
For life without you, has n…

Beautiful Sunday

It was yet another Sunday in my life. I pushed myself out of the bed trying to beat the weekend laziness. I struggled hard and I succeeded. I was welcomed by heavy rain and I could feel it in the breeze of wind which blew into my room through the open windows.

I went out in pouring rain with my broken umbrella. Hunting for breakfast exploring the new locality I recently moved into. For the first time in many weeks I felt good about the rain. It wasn’t the first rain nor would it be the last of this season.

I felt within me the excitement of a kid. Smiling all along as I walked on the streets. Vehicles where zipping past splashing water against me. I took a look around, some people engrossed in thoughts, a group of friends walking alongside giggling and talking aloud amongst them and many others who where trying to get somewhere.

I loved it all and seamed to be happy about the rain. Remembering even I once used to enjoy the season. But then somewhere along the journey of life I had got to…