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Go On.... Dream On!

Go on dream on; make it all a reality,Stand up for yourself, face the brutality.Every step of life has its own challenge,Just be ready to face the change,Yes you may have failed today.But it’s not going to be the same for eternity.Everyone who has seen the valleyKnows it doesn’t exist without the peaks.It’s ok to have shed some tears,You only shed them to make way for smile.Even the deserts know their beauty,There is always water below the sand.There are going to be flowers one day, They bloom even on a barren land.It’s not just about making the journey,It’s not just about walking the miles.There is more to this journey,There is more to this life.Go on dream on; make it all a reality,Stand up for yourself, face the brutality.

High Spirited evening... A walk down the memory Lane!

It was a wonderful evening spent in the company of old friends. Well the spirits where high... blame it partly on the spirit escaping from the capped bottles, now bubbling in the ordinary glasses on the floor. Our walk through the memories of the past.... good old college days, was making us all nostalgic.It was then I sat down and penned these words on high spirits. I need to thank my friends Java-Mahi and Civil-Charan who share the credit for the ideas and thank them for all the help provided.Cheers to the Old Monk and Polish-Russian brain child Vodka... Which made the night memorable!
All we set out for in lifeWas to walk on the edge of knife,But then it was all destinedWe all landed up chained in time.We pursued life as an aimless gameLittle did we realise it always had a nameBut then it was all destinedWe all landed up chained in time.There were days we stayed awake on grassTime seamed to move slowly in phaseWho the fuck realised it was dad who paid for the classAll that we bother…


All I have now in my life is a sand bag of misery,
Not always in life you get to see the bright side,
You get to see sun shine some days,
But you got to face misery one day.

I don’t need to shed tears just because I’m sad,
Look deep within me and you will see,
The burns within my heart and bleeding within my soul.

One day it’s all going to be over,
It will be the end of nightmare called life,
I’m going to be covered in beautiful white sand
And it’s going to be the end as I sleep in peace.