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To Social Or Not To Social, That Is The Question.

Couple of days back I received a tweet from Blog Adda notifying me of an activity they were conducting for the upcoming Social Media Week in Bangalore. The blogging challenge intends to understand individuals perspective on the topic ‘Social Media on Mobile Vs Web – How has it impacted your life?’

Let me just begin by telling you about a small incident that happened this morning. Reading the hard copy of the newspaper is almost a daily ritual in most households. I am no exception to this either, but then its just another habit that's hard to quit. This in no uncertain terms means that its my only source of fodder for news. This morning the newspaper delivery boy was late again. I didn't fret about it as I had already got my daily dose of latest news through multiple news channel apps on my mobile phone. Which was followed by checking my timeline on popular social media networks Twitter and Facebook.

Had it been an year or so back, I would have been switching on my laptop to c…