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To Social Or Not To Social, That Is The Question.

Couple of days back I received a tweet from Blog Adda notifying me of an activity they were conducting for the upcoming Social Media Week in Bangalore. The blogging challenge intends to understand individuals perspective on the topic ‘Social Media on Mobile Vs Web – How has it impacted your life?’

Let me just begin by telling you about a small incident that happened this morning. Reading the hard copy of the newspaper is almost a daily ritual in most households. I am no exception to this either, but then its just another habit that's hard to quit. This in no uncertain terms means that its my only source of fodder for news. This morning the newspaper delivery boy was late again. I didn't fret about it as I had already got my daily dose of latest news through multiple news channel apps on my mobile phone. Which was followed by checking my timeline on popular social media networks Twitter and Facebook.

Had it been an year or so back, I would have been switching on my laptop to catch up on the latest buzz around the world. Well desktops have ceased to exist in my life for quite some years now. The only ones I get to see are the ones in office which I seldom use.

My world has shrunk in size and almost everything revolves around the 5 inch screen in my palm. I have already crossed over the phase of information overload due to the destructive power of internet. I can relate to a lot of people who keep complaining how social media over exposure has almost left them depressed. Some depressed because they are deeply addicted to it and few others because they unable to stay connected to it.

From being a single screen devotee (read as Television) to being a multi screen (Desktop, Laptop, Tablet and Mobile phone) spiderman has been quiet a task. Easily put the destructive internet technology and emergence of social media has been able to create mini tsunami in my life too.

On one hand  it empowered me to enrich my knowledge. On the other hand it also lets me have conversations with known and unknown people on various social medias and express my views.

It has stirred the soul of silent rebel within and helped me air views of an sleeper activist within. My thoughts expressed on Twitter, Facebook or my blog may not have gathered enough traction to snowball into viral content. But still I go to sleep being pleased that I have been able to put out my thoughts to the world, free for all to read and comment.

I am certain that there is be a sizeable consumption and usage of social media on the web. But then there has been greater acceptability and usage of social media on mobile. One of the recent Business Insider article that I read, says and I quote: "60% or so of social media time is spent not on desktop computers but on smart phones and tablets." Well in my case the percentage is certainly much higher and I would put it at 80%.

A lot of who I am today has a lot to do with emergence and proliferation of social media. I am not just referring to the way it impacted my career but also how it helped me personally too. Its not just about how it helped me professionally by means of medias such as LinkedIn or Twitter. Its not just about how something like Quora keeps me engaged and entertained with a billion new knowledge discovery. Its also about how its been an aid in liberating my bottled up thoughts, helping me discover my love for writing through my blog as an example. On a lighter note it also played cupid in helping me find a loving companion, my wife.

I may now not be one of those compulsive social media users that I might have been. But a balanced social media usage remains to be an integral  part of my everyday life.

P.S: “I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity atBlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore“.


  1. This is true for me as well. I am not an impulsive social media user. In fact I use it very less. But after attending the SMW I came to know that I need to use the social media better.


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