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Some Say Its White, Some Say It’s Black!

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Why bother about the good and the bad,
It’s ok to cry even when we happy,
It’s ok to laugh when we are sad.

There is an animal within me,
There is an animal within you.
Let’s stop pretending what we are not,
Let’s just be what we are.

Every move you make, they try to measure it.
Every thought you share they try to weigh it.
Every time you bother,
About the measure and the weight,
You end up killing slowly the real you.

There is no meaning in these words,
Yet they speak a lot about the hidden.
Joy or pain is the choice you make,
It’s all about how you look at things.

What’s the colour of life we live?
Some say it’s white,
Some say it’s black.

- VJ Says ~Cheers and Peace!


  1. What's the colour of life we live?
    some say it's white,
    Some say it's black.
    some say it's grey
    and some say it's colourful ! :)

    Nice one ! :)

    1. Thank You Kitty for the lovely comments… It was nice the way you continued from where I ended…

  2. OMG! That's simply beautiful... especially the last 3 lines! Extremely... You always seem to pen down my exact same thoughts! Love readin ur poems!

    1. Thank You Pranita Glad to know that we share similar thoughts.... Guess some kinda platonic connection

  3. Beautiful thoughts expressed so well as always.

  4. ...mind boggling, always! Cheers!

  5. Replies
    1. Thank You Valli just few words inspired by life

  6. Its black, its white, its gray and also vibrant with is as we see it. Beautiful.

    1. Bingo Janaki Life's all about ones own perspective

  7. Replies
    1. Thank You for stopping by and reading the post

  8. and the lyf passes by....beautiful expression !

    1. Thank You Alka It is life thatz beautiful :-)

  9. Hey this is a very nice one..!..some say black, some white, what do u say?

    1. Thank You Keertana Well I would say... sometimes white... sometimes black... Why not Green & Blue

  10. beautifully expressed
    nice poem

  11. looks like the words just tumbled out of you, so impulsive - wonderful and meaningful too!

    1. Thank You! Yeah my words just like my thoughts are impulsive ... they are better that way... cause filtering may dilute the thoughts! Cheers!

  12. Beautiful poem.Liked it.

  13. Loved the last three lines. Haven't been able to go through your posts lately. Will do so soon :) take care.

    1. Thank you Somya! Hey haven't forgotten you... I recollect reading ur posts on blogspot but then now I guess u have moved to wordpress... did check it out its nice

  14. Oh and forgot to mention, that's me, Somya. Not really sure if you remember me. :)

  15. Live life to its fullest! Enjoy it when you can! Nice poem! Life has to be colourful if we are to enjoy it ;)

    1. Thank You for the kind words.... Life is indeed colorful

  16. Very well said, I honestly commend people who can write poetry. Nice one!

  17. That is a thought-provoking poem. Carry on!


  19. Your poem reminded me of a song, we used to sing in school. It talked about colors of our life, some days are yellow, some red, some days are just white. Each color meaning different things to each of us.

    Life is definitely full of colors, with each of us coloring our own world, while we allow everyone around us to add their colors.


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