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A Silent Love Story

"Silence around in your absence speak of you ,
In hushed tones and unknown whispers I hear you,
You not being around at this moment,
Doesn't take away your presence in my life,
It only make me believe stronger in our love,
We shall keep building memories of togetherness,
They will forever be remembrance of our happiness."

He read these lines over and over again and small smile escaped his lips. He took yet another sip of coffee and laid the cup back on the table. He stared outside the window and drifted back into his thoughts.
She had been gone for a while now and he had been living alone. Through these days of lonely life he had realized that his love had only grown deeper. He knew she would be back soon and he was eager to have her back in his arms.
He was lost in moments of past when they were together yet something seemed amiss. It was not that he didn’t love her enough; it was just that it was never conveyed enough, or so he thought. Then he thought maybe it was himself he …