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The Quest For Happiness And Beyond

Perfection In Abstract Thoughts

Lost in the act of connecting the dots, Lines are drawn over and over again. Yet when I stand back and view them, They seem to be all haphazard.
I take another step away from the lines, I stare at them as hard as I can, I realize they are drawn they were supposed to be, Just that they are not to my liking anymore.
Some more dots and lines are drawn again, Hoping to realize the visualized thoughts, The act of creation is simply never ending. Perfection can reflect in abstract thoughts too, It’s just that you need to believe in them as true.
- Cheers and Peace ~ Vijay Shenoy

Dream... Hope... Truth

"People dream and hold them close to their heart,
Never letting them get away from their clasps.
Still holding on to them, despite they not coming true,
For they hope some day their dreams will come true.
Wish some day we all realise the simple truth of dreams,
They come true for all who believe in them,
And find the path and walk forward to make them come true."

Cheers and Peace ~ Vijay Shenoy A.K.A #GabbyVJ

Thoughts unexpressed in the mind

"Thoughts which stay unexpressed in the mind,
Trouble us with sleepless nights and dreams unkind.
Let them flow freely, unrestricted and unbounded,
The soul is pleased when thoughts are let free,
Just like the birds in the blue sky would be."

Cheers and Peace ~ Vijay Shenoy A.K.A #GabbyVJ

Silly Blind Love

"Mistrust and misunderstanding bring down the axe on every relation.
Love is a funny thing which is held together by trust.
Yet it needs to be unconditional and sometimes blind too.
Some call it silly, some call it nonexistent.
Yet when you are in true love you believe in it more than self."

Cheers and Peace ~ Vijay Shenoy A.K.A #GabbyVJ