Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Quest For Happiness And Beyond

“Happiness is not always outcome of an act,
Happiness is at times the act itself.
A lot of times happiness is lost,
Lost in transition of thoughts.
It would be much easier to be happy,
By living more and thinking less.”

I wrote the above lines and began to ponder why so much fuss about happiness.  I questioned myself, “Aren’t there multiple avenues leading to happiness?”  I let my mind go a little wilder and let it take trip of its own.  I dig deeper and realised that sadness is the key to realising the absence of happiness. More importantly the existence of happiness gains prominence because sadness exists.  A relation closely shared by truth and lies and also shared by light and darkness. 

Some prefer silence than making noise; it’s the act of making a point by not making one. One can certainly be happy without going out in the wilderness hunting for happiness. Seeking the known which is camouflaged and labelled to be the unknown is sometimes termed as adventure. But that’s somehow a part human gene, choosing a complex path to reach a straight and simple destination.

The rhymes and randomness of the journey is what makes life worthwhile. So by this hypothesis happiness is a derivative of randomness. Yet randomness for many is not the most acceptable way of life. I wonder aloud, what is that constraints people from exploring the randomness, the complexities of life? May be it is the fear of failure which is the obstacle to finding true happiness. The society repeatedly leashes you to fall in line and be disciplined, as they believe that has to be everyone’s chosen path.

But then have you observed the joy on your face when you listen to soothing music of a guitar. There is a sense of happiness and bliss all around you when you get sucked into the aura created by this musical milieu created around you. The music takes birth when the strings of a guitar are strummed and that’s when the discipline of well lined strings is broken.

-          Cheers and Peace ~ Vijay Shenoy


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