Sunday, September 6, 2009

Beautiful Sunday

It was yet another Sunday in my life. I pushed myself out of the bed trying to beat the weekend laziness. I struggled hard and I succeeded. I was welcomed by heavy rain and I could feel it in the breeze of wind which blew into my room through the open windows.

I went out in pouring rain with my broken umbrella. Hunting for breakfast exploring the new locality I recently moved into. For the first time in many weeks I felt good about the rain. It wasn’t the first rain nor would it be the last of this season.

I felt within me the excitement of a kid. Smiling all along as I walked on the streets. Vehicles where zipping past splashing water against me. I took a look around, some people engrossed in thoughts, a group of friends walking alongside giggling and talking aloud amongst them and many others who where trying to get somewhere.

I loved it all and seamed to be happy about the rain. Remembering even I once used to enjoy the season. But then somewhere along the journey of life I had got too busy with life, sparing no time to enjoy the little gifts of life.

I had a lovely breakfast at small little eatery, a delicious breakfast I need to say. It was simple nothing elaborate. Yet the feeling of hot breakfast and steaming cup of tea in pouring rain was amazing.

I then saw a beautiful couple sitting across me at the table. There was something about them. They weren’t too flashy. They where just another young couple, who may have just ventured out of their house to skip the routine home cooked breakfast. But what was beautiful about them was the love they shared, those little moments. They where happy and it was evident in their smile. They where exchanging those little glances which spoke of commitment and love for each other. Happiness and Love seamed to be the mood of the day.

Feeling blissful about the beautiful rainy Sunday I then stared walking back to my room. Under the broken umbrella I saw the man within me happy and pleased. What a lovely morning it had turned out for me.

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  1. everything has changed but u still write very very well


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