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You Will Die With A Smile

The life that we lead may not be the life that we wanted. Happy or not we end up living it. At least most of us do and may be a few give up too early. But then it makes me think. We might be living the life we lead but there could be two different reasons to it. One set of people are leading it because they have given up hope of realizing their dreams. The other set of people are still hopeful that someday they will realise their dreams.

What separates the two is hope. Keeping the hope alive comes at a cost for all. Facing endless critics and battling umpteen cynics. There will be many such moments when you feel that it’s easier to give in than to battle them. But the key lies in clinging on to that last ounce of hope.

The other thing about life that always gets me thinking is people’s obsession for perfectness. Well I am referring to people who seek perfectness in people with whom they cohabitate.  Why is it so difficult to accept others the way they are? Its acceptance of one’s individuality that I am referring to. It’s fine if they are not acceptable to you, but why force down someone’s throat things that you feel is right. What is right to you need not be right to all? End of it everyone is human and no one is perfect.

It’s ok to be the way you want to be, if that’s what makes you happy. It’s ok to be what you are as long as you are being true. You may not be accepted by all the way you are, But that’s ok. If you have a dream it’s ok to chase it and try to realise it. No matter how stupid others may call it. Being what you are is no crime, having a hope is no crime. Just live the life you wished you could. May be when it all ends, you will die with a smile.

-       VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!


  1. I agree Vijay....accepting others the way they are is not easy but if one is able to do it, life will be lighter and happier rt?

    1. True Jaish.... Life would be better that is what we call Ideal... But Ideal and real are not the same I guess :)

  2. True words my friend!
    Though they seem a little about specifying it about someone in particular..some incident in particular..some story? You know to make it sound more real

    1. Hey Priyanka true stories are always abstract... why kill the essence... Lets let it flow the way thoughts emerge :D

  3. very true..We Humans always seek perfection and we always want other to do things as per liking's. We fail to understand that every one is different and no one is perfect. That line- "May be when it all ends you will die with a smile!" Sums up everything. Great read! :)

    1. Thank You Prasoon... Well its true, end of it all its the smile we crave for which is true... :)


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