Friday, April 25, 2014

Soul And Silence

He sat there on the lonely chair,
It was a deserted room,
No laughter’s, no whispers,
Yet he could hear his cluttered soul.

There was absolute silence around,
But there was no silence within,
The conversation was not a monologue,
Words were exchanged between him and his soul.

He contemplated about the how and when?
He questioned the what and why?
He felt delusion about the where next?
The thoughts were inconclusive,
Furthering thickening the haze around.

Silence returned both within and around,
And he sat there alone on the rocking chair.

-          VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace


  1. Thats the trauma inside every head...despite silence outside it take a lot of efforts (or may be none) to feel it inside!!

    Nice poem Vijay!!

    1. Thanks Hemant... Glad you liked it... True we all battle our own set of traumas


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