Thursday, April 24, 2014


Some battles of life are to be fought alone. At times it may seem that all battles of life are being fought alone. I have come to realise and accept that there is no getting away from harsh realities. On the positive side if you were to fight them all with the right intent you will emerge only stronger. The consequence of these battles may or may not be in your favour.

I keep asking myself is this entire struggle just about survival? What about the intrinsic desire to live life to the fullest? Well I guess all these come along with some pre conditions. We simply can’t get away from certain responsibilities entrusted upon us by life, or can we?

Sometimes too many questions make the path ahead hazy. We seem to battle denials and struggle to find sense of balance. So would it be just right to swim through the tides and keep hoping for better tomorrow?

Certainly there is no escaping is you are in the game of chasing what herd is chasing. It sounds easy and joyous at times when we feel like dropping it all and simply vanishing. But at the back of our mind we want to give up the pointless chase and wildly pursue what heart desires. Come to think of it, may be our act of trying to balance it all is the problem. It sure takes some guts to give it all up in pursuit of heart’s desire. Uncertainty is the roadblock and at the same time it’s also something we need to triumph.

The solution to all of it may be residing in clarity of thoughts. If we were to have clear thinking and strive to stick by it for good, things would be simpler. There it is first step towards pursuing heart’s desire. Where would it lead us? Somewhere for sure! And if we were to take it as learning in the right spirit, may be the learning itself would be the purpose of action.

     VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace


  1. Question is how to get clear thinking in a confused world! Yes, learning itself is the purpose of the action!! I agree..

    1. Guess we got to infuse a lot of positivity to gain that clarity... Still experimenting to be honest Sibi...


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