Friday, October 26, 2012

Karma, Reality And Life !

No stories to tell, no poetries to recite just a thought to share triggered in my mind when I was walking back home after a tiring day at work. Why is it so hard to accept realities of life? Why we humans are so bent on complicating our lives?

Humans as I believe are born with a simple path and even simpler thoughts. But as we grow older we just complicate our life. Then we reach point when we look back at our present and shout aloud, 'Life is complex'.

We always find it hard to accept the realities of life. We like to defer it, hallucinate that the now we live is not what it is. Simply because it is not what we want it to be. Rather than accepting the present we have, we try to fight it in pursuit of something that we wish was the now!

Sometimes in life its important to face the current, the real, the present. It may not be all that good, but the ones with the courage to accept the now the way it is, are the ones who can move forward to create the life we wish to live.

Accepting realities may be difficult, some may say its truly earth shattering and depressing. Yes it might be all that and more. When what we are, the way we are, is not what we want it to be, it really kicks you hard where it pains the most. But then I question where is the fighter spirit we were born with? Its somewhere buried deep within all of us, its just the fact that very few realize it and even fewer are willing to face it.

I am not a preacher, just another soul like you trying to muster that courage to face the reality. Its all about that one moment in life when you look into its eyes and stare at it real hard and say - "I know who you are, I know you been kind to me at times, but this moment you ain't on my side. But its not gonna be long before the tables turn around."

Reality can be kind, reality has been kind. When we had things going right for us we claimed it to be our triumph and not an act of Karma. But the fact is, reality is no constant, nor anyone's slave to be in ones favour all the time. Sometimes its harsh and sometimes its sweet. Whats important is to accept it.

Its about cruising along with the high tides, the one who negotiates the tides right, is ultimately the one who triumphs the life's fight.

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace


  1. A very impressive read...

    Naice Blog


  2. escapism brings fear, confrontation brings turmoil, acceptance brings peace. What we choose today becomes our destiny.

  3. An idle mind is a devil's workshop...that's why the mind is called the money mind.
    That's why people choose the path of spiritualism and meditation, to uncomplicate the life they have complicated.

  4. I agree with every thought you have put forth here. Acceptance without questions truly does make life simpler.

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