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The Journey Called Life Continues.....

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It sure doesn’t matter to me how long it’s been since I last posted my thoughts on my blog. What sure incites my soul is that I am attempting to find my way back to doing what I like doing the most –“Writing cause I love to.”

I am not sure if it’s a moonless night or starlit sky outside. Well either ways beauty exists in both. Such is life too, if you have the right attitude you can enjoy it even in the darkest hour as much as you enjoy it during your life’s happiest moments.

Walking back home each day I meet a florist. Well she is not the one who owns an air conditioned store with fancy packaging service. She is just another ordinary woman trying to earn her living, weaving the flowers together on the street side. A complete stranger to me, yet when I pass by her we exchange smile. Her smile reflects satisfaction. Satisfaction, that she is enjoying her petty job more than that of the man who stops his swanky car on the street to pick flowers from her every day.

Sitting now in solitude listening to some old classic music of 80’s my mind wanders again. Why haven’t I yet been able to make that trip to much fancied ice capped mountains of Himalayas? May be someday I will relinquish all that I have and all that I desire. And then I hear my own chuckle, I’m not the first of the humans to wish to go to Himalaya’s and certainly not the last.

The journey needn’t be a lonely one; it could be journey with the one I love. Together we shall walk miles away from the world we are in to create a world we have always wanted. World filled with innocent smiles and eyes sparkling with joy.

May be someday for real I will find my way to the mystical world. It would be a world which shuns the sham, the one which embraces the true thoughts of pious souls.

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace!


  1. liked reading this post....and gr8 to find you having reflections about life...and truly brings out the best in you.And Journey of life really intrigues me too...many poems written on the same...And surely VJ, you will find your way to this mystical world..infact already have...A Talented Writer:)keep writing:)

  2. Great will find your way to the world you desire one day...nahi toh picture abhi baaki hai.

  3. Indeed u will vijay...sometimes happens we feel though we have everything..still we have nothing..

    Moments f life...will pass soon..

  4. wonderful...very beautiful, Vijay:) Cheers!

  5. sure shenoy , you will certainly find your way to mystical world :) nice post .

  6. Peace indeed. What matters is that you are writing.


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