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Nonsensical Rambling - Thoughts Brewing Within

“I like nonsense; it wakes up the brain cells.” – Dr. Seuss

Nonsensical Rambling on # Life:

"You know you are not happy, Yet you smile.
You desire freedom, Yet you stay entrapped.
You feel the dissent within, Yet you compromise.
You know something died within, Yet you call yourself alive."

Nonsensical Rambling on # Weakness:
"No matter how strong you train your body to be.
If you got a Weak mind or a Weak heart,
Then you are simply yet another Weak Soul,
Walking on earth leading a fake life.”

Nonsensical Rambling on # Story Teller:
"Most great stories, Have a sad ending.
But not all sad ending, Make a great story."

Nonsensical Rambling on # Forbidden
"Not everything you desire can be yours.
But human mind can't stop craving for more.
The more sinful it sounds, the harder you try to hide it.
The more you hate it, the more you ardor for it."

-       Vj Says ~ Cheers and Peace

P.S:  Nonsensical Ramblings are thoughts that brew in my mind, thoughts that I write in my diary. Thoughts inspired and triggered by things around and incidents in life. Watch out there many more to be shared, they are never gonna stop popping in my mind.


  1. You know something died within....alive was superb!

  2. Dear Vijay,
    Very interesting words indeed. It is true when they say..."we can't hide from ourselves". It is also true with everything you wrote. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Rambling#itwasno-nonsense :)
    enlightening and true stuff told in a cool way , grt work :)



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