Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Words Of A Poet

A painter seeks a muse to be inspired,
And poet seeks just a word to feel the urge.
Urge to sew pearls called words together,
To express the feelings of a tender heart.

What good are emotions unexpressed,
Sulking alone in silence and feeling depressed.
Let the heart speak out tonight without fear
Let the words flow like the untamed river.

Why feel wasted trying to be perfect,
Freedom is what the soul seeks,
So hold back nothing,
Express it all and go with the flow of life.

It was once said to me by an old man’s wife,
Everything has an end and so does life.
Let your words spread smile and joy today,
Your life is transitory and you will be gone someday,
And when you are gone, forever your words will stay.

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