Friday, September 2, 2011

A Walk To Remember

Walking on the rocky streets tonight, with you by my side,
I realised about the emotions that have been missing in my life.

I realised how special it is,
To have someone to listen to what I’ve to say,
To be someone who listens to what you have to say.
To have someone to share the silence,
To have a companion to share the thoughts,
I’ve been missing it all in my silly little life.

Emotions dumped and sealed within my silent heart,
Hiding my thoughts in the shadow of a straight face,
Wonder why I fail to express it all.

Lost in thoughts we reach the point of divide,
And then it’s time for us to walk apart,
We bid adieu with a smile and a good bye.

A few steps later I look back and search for you in the crowd,
May be I’m too late and you are long gone.
I walk back home with sweet silent memories,
With the hope that I would express it all someday,
For my heart believes, life’s going to change one day.


  1. Beautiful thoughts!! Yes, life's gonna to change, y not make an effort 2day? May b this is d day :)
    - Sudha

  2. @Sudha Thank you :-)
    Appreciate your thoughts! Cheers~!


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