Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tiny flame, turned into a glowing sun

How often have you not come across people trying to preach you the right way to do things? I guess almost everyone does, it’s some sort of human phenomenon I guess. I completely respect their sentiments; sure their words are stemmed from certain experience too. 

But at times it kind of gets little too much to take, when others try to emphasise that their way is the only way. I strongly believe same strategy may not work for all. What works for others may not work for you. And what works for you may not work for me.

What could be the reason for resentment, when you express your belief? You believe their suggestions are not suiting your case, but they simply disagree to understand you. Is it to do with rubbing them the wrong way? Hitting them hard where it hurts the most. I’m talking about people’s ego. Their reaction is an indication of what might be transitioning within; their self esteem comes crashing down to earth.

It would all be so much easier to co-exist if people where to be more accommodating, f everyone around were to be more understanding. Learning is an evolutionary process and it’s mutual too. There is a lot that can be learnt from people around but at the same time there is something called individuality. Creativity thrives in environment which is conductive for it. When you are pounded by criticism and surrounded by blind cynic’s distinctiveness within begins to diminish. 

Having said what I had to say I would like to add just one more aspect to it. Cynics will always do what they do best, they are the omnipotent misanthropist. Don’t lose heart just because you were   criticized. Believe in your ways; keep the light of hope glowing even when it gets dark. Someday for sure the tiny flame within might turn out to be the glowing sun the world desired.


  1. I have just one comment - "People are not difficult, people are just different. What is difficult is to accept this and adapt to the different kinds of people!!"

  2. @confused soul... Hmmmmm... well its true..


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