Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Minds Perspectives Of Life’s Perceptions

Are those stars, which are twinkling in the sky?
I'm not drunk so don’t you try to lie.
Are those shattered dreams of a common man?
Or maybe they are a million hope of an honest child.

Many a ways to imagine a single object,
Many a ways to face what comes your way.
Trouble it is, if you envision it to be so,
A solution perhaps if you believe in it.

Silly creatures most of us, rather all of us,
We turn the simple to a monster called complex,
And then we cry aloud and curse everyone else,
Creating problem when there isn’t one,
We stand depressed, killing our own smile.

Let the silly stay silly,
Enjoy things the way they are,
Don’t dig for things that don’t exist,
Life is simple when you keep it simple.


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