Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The muse, the artist and their journey

The journey of life is quite strange and uncertain at times too,
There are people we meet, uncertain at times why the paths crossed.
It sure sounds a little delusional and a few battles are fought against reality,
But a few people don't let you forget the impact even after they are gone.

I wasn't sure what was it about her,
She never said anything about being my muse.
Never asked her if she would be one to accept,
In this conflict of emotions I had found something interesting in her.

People around sure wouldn't understand what it meant,
They had already got more than few names to stick a label.
I sure didn't worry about it or I at least I think I didn't,
But it sure was eating up some corner of my mind.

How bad it could be to face the cynics and the critics,
I found myself asking the other me within me.
The reality of life could be different but not to me in that moment,
It was time to stay clear of the opinions and just be me.

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace 

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