Friday, September 16, 2016

Belief makes us strong and triumph

"Difficulties scare you and me, 
Uncertainties question our confidence, 
Expectations make us doubt ourselves, 
Belief makes us strong and triumph." 

There sure is always a time when we all feel a little perplexed about the life we lead. In moments of silence we look back at life and wonder why wasn't it the way we dreamt it to be. In these moments of weakness we let into our minds a dangerous evil, self doubt. With that unknowingly we slowly get consumed by it. Many a times we know it's a dark alley that we are letting ourselves into but fail to stop ourselves.

If we however dive in a little deeper within ourselves, we may realize that a lot of our actions are influenced by our surrounding in the formidable growing up years. Another perspective to look at this is, the surroundings might have been challenging but the responsibility of letting in creep in and influence our decisions was always ours.

Difficulties and uncertainties are a given, it's only human at times to crib about it. They sure scare us and slowly eat into our confidence. But it's also important to snap out of the cribbing and get a grip on life.

Expectations of oneself and expectations of others around us are the extra baggage which no one wanted to pack and carry. Yet we all seem to get weighed down by them.

Its easier said than done, is how we think within our minds when someone else tells us to look at it all from a  positive prism.
Certainly the battles of life are everyday challenge for all of us. We sure got to suit up and face them. The ammunition for the battles is right within us. It only needs to be strengthened. It's the sheer belief within our minds, that shall help us be strong and triumph over the challenges we phase.

- VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace

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