Friday, July 8, 2016

Tune In And Surrender

I was sitting in the lobby waiting for my name to be called out. It was apparent that it's going to be sometime before it would be my turn. I looked around, it was a quiet space. I asked my self what's that I miss the most in my busy day. A meaningful conversation pat came the answer. 

I looked to my left, I saw another me. A smiling face with glitter of excitement in the eyes. I asked him why are you smiling? What's the excitement for? He didn't answer any of my questions. 

I looked away and wondered why am I hallucinating. I looked to my left again, he was still there, still smiling. "You been thinking a lot these days, most of which have led you nowhere", he said. "Isn't it about the lost smile?"  

I protested and I said, "Oh common, what rubbish. I do smile, and I do so everyday." But deep within I knew, it was another feeble attempt of mine to accept reality. With that moment of acceptance the other me sitting alongside me disappeared. But the voice lingered around, "You have been looking around in wrong places for what you been seeking, the one place you never bothered looking for it is within."

The meaningful conversations we desire for are not necessarily with others all the time. Although it's always a fantastic moment when two like minded people getting together, like a house on fire. Sometimes these meaningful conversation are with oneself too. It's just that introspection is underrated. But in fact a few moments a day spent with self could lead to great discoveries. 

- VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace 

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