Thursday, June 16, 2016

Reality, Illusion and Life

I am still learning to accept realities of life.
Realities that are unpleasant at times.
Some of these might not be righteous.
But who am I to question your versions of truth.

I got to find some shelter, some shield,
I can't let my individual beliefs be slaughter.
Again I am not saying I am the only truth.
It's just that I can't kill my beliefs, my version of morality.

So how do I survive, for its not worthy to die silly,
I take up shelter in what you call the cocoon of illusion.
Illusion it is, unacceptable for you and acceptable to me,
But then there is comfort, I can still find myself breath.

I check my pulse and my heartbeat,
They are a musical delight, beating in rhythm.
And now I await for the long night to end,
Tomorrow is another new day, another reality.

- VJ says Cheers and Peace 

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