Friday, June 17, 2016

Looking Inward On A Friday Night

They tell us to be happy, be in the now, be present. But what do you do when the now that you in is the source of unhappiness and the unpleasant. The need of getting away from the now then becomes imperative. 

The need is known, the desire is strong yet you don't move. You stay stuck in the now, whining and complaining. You feel you are shackled and tied. Little do we realize and accept the inability to get away is our own doing. The shackles are in our mind. 

Sounds silly at times that we become incapable in moments of low in life. It's okay  don't be too hard on yourself. It's nature of human life, there are moments of high and low. 

It's these moments in life that challenge our beliefs, our preparedness, our abilities. Some of these instances reshape you as a person. It makes you question your choices. It makes you look inwards.  

It's true that sometimes you need to go away from the now to get a better perspective. Although its hard when you fighting battles within your mind being in the now. The moment you succeed to push yourself off it and look at things from a distance, it all seems different. 

There is never a perfect solution. Getting away may not solve the unsolved. But then what it does is, it makes you reassess your present. A new perspective helps you realize that we may have misplaced our priorities. Being in the thick of battling the now, we may have got blinded about things that should truly matter. 

Never doubt the incredible power and talent we are all born with. Each one of us are unique. At times its not about others it's about us as individuals. Don't let your identity as an individual slip away in the madness of life. Step away for a moment, appreciate your self. It's okay, it's all right, it's not being narcissist, it's about being kind. 

- VJ says Cheers and Peace 

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