Saturday, June 4, 2016

Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu - Brilliance Personified

It's a fast paced world in which we grow out of our childhood too anxious and busy to chase what we call an ideal life. Until one day it hits us hard that in the journey to evolve into what we have become today, we have lost out on appreciating many nuisances of life. We have ignored and ruptured relationships that are the very reason for why we exist today. Our life is not journey from our birth to death alone. Have you ever thought that we all are probably a part of someone else's life journey. A beautiful moment of joy in their life when we were born.

Godhi Banna Sadharna Mykattu, is actually a hard-hitting movie that makes us pause, look inwards and realize the part of us we seem to ignore. The story telling is so beautiful that it grows on you. The tone of the movie is an amazing blend of multiple emotions, it also makes you chuckle at times with its touch of humor.

The subtle but strong element of romance, the timeless power of love is intertwined effortlessly into the story. It is in true sense making of an ordinary everyday life story extraordinary.

It also talks about plight of the ignored. The one's who truly need our attention. The pitiful life of lakhs of people suffering from Alzheimer's. Having seen someone close to me having gone through it, had a tough time battling the flashback.

Not to leave out the philosophical take in the movie. The character of Ranga, a perfect portrayal of the good within the bad. One of the highlight scenes is the conversation between Venkoba Rao and Ranga is a sheer delight. When Venkoba Rao tells Ranga that there are two dogs within us all. One black and one white. One represents the sinful characters and the other obviously the angelic characters. The dog within which wins is the one we feed most biscuits to.

Kudos to Hemanth M Rao,  what a way to begin journey as a filmmaker. He has totally nailed it with a perfect star cast, each one of them doing absolute justice. #AnantNag takes the cake. Rakshit Shetty what a stellar choice, to play the key role of Venkob Rao's son. Vashishtan Simhan and Shruti Hariharan were fabulous and apt choices too.

Well I would urge all of you to go watch "Godhi Banna Sadharana Mykattu",  #GBSM today. Don't worry about the language there is English subtitles too. This is yet another fantastic movie bringing about change in Kannada cinema.

- VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace 


  1. Now I really have to watch this then!

  2. Hope you did watch the movie. If not watch it soon. You wouldn't be disapponted.


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