Sunday, May 8, 2016

Truth is tough, Choose tough, Stay tough.

"Truth is tough, lies are easy,
 Sometimes we choose the easy over tough.
 To preach is easy, it's tough to learn.
 The truth about learning is, it's a need,
 To stop learning, is to become obsolete.
 Choose tough, stay tough."

These words were written a few days ago. Then they lived a lonely life in the draft folder. There is more to it than being mere words that don’t rhyme.

I have always believed that life's journey is insignificant without the learnings, a big part of it.

Learnings and lessons are lot beyond few hundred pages of a book and the four walls of a classroom.

It's not just about the fear of becoming obsolete without new learnings. It's also about the loss of experiences that count.

The other part to it is the choices we make. Most of us want to avoid the tough ones, in the hope that easier choices build a easier life.

If there is one thing that I have come to realize, it's that there is nothing called as easy life. Everyone, by choice or not has face some tough shit. Just that circumstances could be different.

Nothing has ever been easy to me, well life has been a great teacher. True for everyone of us, nothing comes easy to anyone. Sometimes more knocks you take, more the energy to punch back.

It's not about knowing it all and fighting it all. It's all about the attitude and perspectives.

When you are open and hungry to learn, life only gets interesting. When you make oneself tough from within, the fight gets interesting. It's not whether you win the fight everytime. It's about are you tough enough to face new challenges.

- VJ says Cheers and Peace

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