Sunday, May 8, 2016

The man who knew infinity... My thoughts

"I wish there were more movies made around the brilliance of mind and people blessed with it."

These were my exact thoughts the day I watched 'Man who knew infinity'.  I was superbly impressed by the movie.

The movie had so many interesting plots seamlessly stitched together. To me the highlight wasn't just that it was the story of one of the most brilliant mathematicians of India. There was so much more to it.

It made me ask the fundamental question, why is Bollywood not making enough of such movies. Also why does it always have be a Hollywood movie to invoke such strong emotions for stories which are strongly associated with India. Remember the movie Slumdog Millionaire.

The movie had truly impressive star cast including Dev Patel as Srinivasa Ramanujan,  Jeremy Irons as G. H. Hardy,
Arundhati Nag as Ramanujan's mother and
Devika Bhise as Janaki, Ramanujan's wife amongst others.

Srinivas Ramanujan, what a character he must have been in flesh and blood. Although many would have been taken in by the sheer brilliance of his mind depicted ably in the movie. There was truly lot more to him.

The interlacing plots that made strong impact included the relationship and conversations between unemotional, work obsessed Hardy and his discovery, Ramanujan. Equally interesting was the triangular plot of relationship between Ramanujan, his mother and his wife.

A mother who never wished to loose her sons love and attention to his wife. The subtle yet less glamorised commitment and love Ramanujan had for his wife Janaki. These critical elements might easily get overshadowed by the magnanimity of Ramanujan and his love for mathematics. To me these plots truly represent the various facets which were equally impact full.

So if you haven't yet watched the movie,  I would highly recommend that you do.

- VJ says Cheers and Peace 

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