Saturday, May 14, 2016

The Inner Voice

Freedom is what I seek,
Not to fly high in the sky,
But from people's judgemental mind. 
They stare at me and stare hard,
When they pass by me on the street,
A sense of discomfort runs down my spine. 
I question myself, I question thee,
Does my inner beauty make you uncomfortable,
Or is it just the lust that I see it your eyes. 
I ain't just a piece of meat or your wet dream,
I am not born just to be your fantasy,
Just try to knock your inner conscious,
You shall realize that I am so much more than such triviality.
-VJ says Cheers and Peace 

P.S: Wrote this a couple of weeks back. Trying to imagine and portray in words suppressed feeling of a woman who has felt objectified. 

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