Sunday, May 22, 2016

Lucia Filmmaker Takes a #UTURN

‪#‎UTurn‬ is a movie with a gripping storyline. The underlying theme is karma and it's vicious circle. But it's got another strong message for all.

The brilliance is, how in the form of a mystery thriller the filmmaker tries to address a grave concern which seldom attracts our seriousness.

The movie has many brilliant moments. It's got all the elements needed to keep you glued onto your seats. The climax makes many conclude it as a supernatural thriller. Having said that it still doesn't undermine the filmmakers attempt to create a brilliant cinema.

Kudous to Pawan Kumar for making a brilliant movie. The Lucia director has broken new grounds with U Turn. Now hoping to see more of such fantabulous movies.

It's heartening to note that new age filmmakers have brought in a new wave in Kannada cinema's. I wish many more of such movies get done and be seen.

Verdict: U Turn is a must watch Kannada Movie 

- VJ Says Cheers and Peace 

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