Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Don't Panic. Pause And Reflect.

There are days when you are absolutely clueless about where life is headed too. Some of these days are those when you have taken off your hands from the steering.

The kite flying high is a factor of multiple things. One of course is the ability of the kite flyer to maneuver the flight in the windy open sky. The other being the uncontrollable factor, the speed of the wind could be one.

We all love being in control of the life that we lead. Maybe at times believing it's something we all need to tame. We kind of get hold of it too, begin to believe it's all in our control. It sure is to large extent. That's what we been taught.

Some point along our journey we begin to panic. It's the point where we feel we have started to loose grip on things. The world suddenly seems upside-down. It's onset of calamity we proclaim.

It's at this point we need to pause. Panic sure won't help us make things better. The clouded mind is certainly not a great judge. If we don't pause and reflect, the danger of getting sucked into it is apparent.

The point being it's not about controlling things. It's about the ability to maneuver through life. It's about being accepting of learnings. At times its about being humble to accept guidance.

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace


  1. Very nice valid thoughts.....Profound and true ....

  2. Very nice valid thoughts.....Profound and true ....

    1. Thanks... Glad that you liked what you read :)


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