Monday, May 16, 2016

Choosing to be the real me

Imprisoned is what I felt,
Chained and bonded within limits.
Limits that I didn't wish for,
But they said it's norms I got to follow.

I felt restless and stifled,
Never being let to express my thoughts.
I questioned what they said was the only right,
But they chose to brand me wrong.

I believed in being nonconformist,
Not to be to indifferent but to be true.
I began flaunting the unabashed me,
I knew they secretly liked that about me.

I continued to be called the deviant and digressive,
A misfit that they secretly always wanted to be.
They always spoke of me in hushed tone,
I knew they were just jealous for they could never be me.

- VJ says Cheers and peace 


  1. Vj- very true words- i admire your writings- glad life chose us to be friends :)

    1. Thanks Elvira. I happy to know that you still visit my blog and read my writing. Appreciate thy kindness.


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