Saturday, March 12, 2016

Hope And Belief

"One thing that you should never lose is hope,
 One person you should never ignore is you.
 Being a happy soul is one's own doing,
 Life is a blessed journey for all happy souls."

These were the words I penned a couple of days back. These words hold immense value to me. As they are the words the heart resonates with.

Attaining happiness is one of the priority items in many people's bucket list. Think a little hard, and you shall realize that you are talking about a variable element. Happiness is never a constant, but a state of containment can be.

More often than not an evolved soul strives for happiness for souls around. Little does that tiny soul realize that it's like a source of light. More brighter you shine, more illuminated the surrounding is.

- VJ Says Cheers & peace

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