Friday, March 11, 2016

Commitment To Make A New Beginning

Couple of weeks back I had attended one of the training sessions at our office conducted by Mr. Sampath Iyengar. This is a part of series of sessions being conducted to enable personality development. The session I was a part of talked about learning to dream and goal setting for self.

Due to my poor health I couldn't attend subsequent sessions. However I wanted to ensure that the little that I learnt has to be put into action. Hence I am attempting to do it one thing at a time.

First of these I have chosen to set few SMART goals for self.

Some goals are personal & they are commitments to self to improve one's own life. Hoping this leads to contributing a happy aura around.

A journey to be a happier soul begins now, one day at a time. 2 commitments I wish to make to self today are;

1. I shall spend 15 min everyday meditating starting 12.03.2016
2. I shall restart Blogging regularly by posting atleast 1 blog post starting 12.03.2016

- VJ Says Cheers and Peace

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