Monday, July 27, 2015

Rise up and welcome the new life!

I sat there alone on the big black rock,
Water gushing down the hill by my side.
A moment that I wish to freeze forever,
A picture that is now impregnated in my mind.

No thoughts crosses my mind in the moment of silence,
Such was the power serenity I sat enveloped in.
In that moment of tranquility I was sitting in the lap of nature,
I felt the powerful surge within as I felt one with my soul.

I didn't venture into the wilderness to find peace,
But within me I knew I was only trying to escape the unkind.

Questions, confusions, uncertainties, a bag full of them,
I have been carrying them along for long.
It has now been left behind with no intent to pick up the lost bag.

I wasn't seeking answers anymore,
I wasn't interested in the questions anymore,
I could feel my soul asking me to let go,
Let go of all the baggage, rise up and welcome the new life.

-VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace


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