Sunday, October 5, 2014

One Day At A Time

The music in the street is still loud. Its 2:30 past midnight but the madness of celebration is no where close to ending in Mangalore. Its the last day of famous Mangalore Dasara. Its famous for its procession, the city is all bright and shining with sparkling lights.

For a click happy person like me its been an amazing day. Spent almost all day capturing different emotions of people in this city. I might be an ammature in the field of photography. But I ain't competing with anyone, its for the joy of the soul I try to capture moments and freeze them in time.

Learning, well quiet a few. When you know you are least bothered about being judged you simply enjoy what you do. Like my photography no one takes it seriously, so continue to enjoy it.

Disagreements and love for dear ones can always coexist. Classic proof me and my parents we enjoy each others company despite our disagreements.

Don't over burden your soul with expectations. When you really get into the groove of the moment without any expectations you simply enjoy more. Don't try to search for logic here.

Tomorrow is yet another day of loads of experiments and experiences.

~ VJ says - Cheers and Peace.

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