Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Looking outwards to look within

My travel so far has been exceptionally interesting. On one end of the spectrum is my quest of sort, to rattle me off the comfort zone I had built around me. At the other end of the spectrum is a lovely couple in their sixties who patched up with me to come along, which was totally unplanned. Of course certain patches of this travel have been solo. But mutual exploration of sort is also underway between two generations.

Yesterdays travel was destination Karwar and its countryside. A great mix of spiritual abodes in the hinterlands and sparsely populated beaches. Both gave me different perspectives but the calming effect were the same. In one of those many moments of self introspection I penned the words below;

"We humans are either superior hypocrites or down right idiots!
Well the plain reality is that we all want to find nirvana,
We travel in the name of peace, tranquility and higher purpose,
The obscure bigger reality is that it lies within and not around.
The truth also lies in the fact that there can never be better teacher than travel."

In someway you got to look outside to realize that, what we seek actually lies within. So does that mean all this traveling is futile. Not really, if you don't expose yourself to what's out there, you may never appreciate and imbibe some of the amazing learning's that you pick, when on the road. These learning's actually help you reform your perspectives.

So what captivated my imagination? Almost everything around. Be it the love hate relationship of the aging couple traveling with me, smiles and cries of strangers on the streets and beaches I walked on, the curious expression on faces of people I captured in my camera. The list can be lengthier but I guess I have got your attention to be in synch with my thoughts.

Well right now I am needed to make changes to my earlier planned travel trail. Got to drop off the old couple at their destination and the not so young anymore me needs a quick health checkup at my next destination. I am sure I should be able to continue my travel soon. Staying positive helps or should I say acting positive. May be few new destinations will be added and some earlier planned ones dropped.

Well if you wondering who the old couple I kept referring to earlier, they are no strangers yet most of the times our opinions differ. They are my old man and his lady. So now the journey continues with me moving from the town in west coast where I was yesterday to the city at the heart of North-West Karnataka.

- VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace

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