Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Little Drops Of Love

"Hushed music is what I hear, its the little drops of rain,
The darkness around is scary, but your memories keep me sane.
I hear the voice of love, which sounds distant, but I know its just you,
Far away you might be, but distance can never fade my love for you.
I hear it again and realize, its your heart beat that I feel within me,
Its real and forever, just pure and blissful like the waves of the sea."

Words trickle off the pen and adorn the blank canvas effortlessly when you remember your beloved. The art of poetry comes alive when its one soul talking to another through words. They say, distance only makes the heart grow fonder. Its true what they say and I can feel it too. I wait anxiously for my love to be back in my arms again and I promise myself to love her more than I have loved until now. For love grows forever exponentially with years spent together and life is always divine with the one you love.

-VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace

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  1. Wowww!!! may your love stay blissful , excellent write Vj;)


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