Friday, October 3, 2014

Let Your Heart Lead Your Journey

Sometimes you travel because you hate sitting at home on a holiday. There are times when you travel for adventure. There are also times when you feel you need to unwind with a vacation.

All these travels are great yet they are still different from the ones where you travel not for reasons that enthrall your mind but to find clarity and cleans your soul.

That day I decided I truly need to make this happen. Let my heart lead the travel and just explore. Sounded like a great proposition. The thought gave me sort of a high.

Next step was to avail leave, may be a short sabbatical of sort. Spoke to my boss about the journey that I want to go on. He seemed to really encouraging of it.

I then shared my plans with my better half then. She was a little uncertain if I really want to do anything of this sort. But then she told me that may be I should really make it happen. She had her fears, for she is sweet and loves me a lot. But somewhere within she too believed I had to do this.

What next? Well I packed my bag, mentally made a note of a possible trail for a fortnight. Just then it hit me, I really don't have an agenda here. Most importantly I haven't done any of these sort of sudden solo traveling to the unknown.

Ideas of all sort started clouding my mind. Nightmares too did pay visit at night. But then these thoughts wouldn't succeed in deterring me from doing what I wanted to whole heatedly.

So here I'm standing amidst the crowd at the Bangalore bus station with my rucksack on my back. Awaiting for the bus to arrive to take me to my first among the many destination I plan to visit on this journey of mine.

~ VJ Says - Cheers & Peace

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