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Let The Nature Do Its Magic

Nature's enchanting beauty has never disappointed anyone and never will it ever disappoint anyone. Its true as long as we make sure we keep nurturing it and help spread more smiles.

When you truly let yourself get absorbed by its enigmatic serenity you will feel the smile extending from your face to your heart.

The train ride from Mangalore to Ankola today was one of the best I have experienced in recent pasts. During the first leg of my journey I was simply wowed and was engrossed in clicking pictures trying capture as much of natures beauty as I could. A little while later I  asked myself, what was I doing? I was being a lame me, try to cage the beauty of nature in mere images.

The next couple of hours was spent simply looking outside the window, trying to to absorb the beautifully changing landscape through my eyes only. There was now a silent connect between me and nature. The landscape changed from that of a still lakes with distant view of hills to that of lush green paddy fields, there were few beautiful rivers in which I spotted couple of boats sailing calmly and then some more greenery followed it. There was so much of beauty all around that I was almost blinded by it.

Once I got to Ankola I hired an auto to the Sri Laxminarayan Mahamaya temple. They also have facility for devotees to stay within the temple campus. As I was just getting settled in my room it began to rain. I sat down on a chair listening to the roaring rain. The music of natured filled my ears and delighted my soul.

Sometimes in life you just need to submit yourself completely to your surrounding. Have belief in your dreams, trust in your self and faith in your life. The universe shall conspire to ensure that you get what you deserve. I have realized that power of acceptance goes a long way in finding peace within.

- VJ says ~ Cheers and Peace


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The distance between us questions possibilities,
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-VJ says ~ cheers and peace


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Yet each held back some part of themselves,
It wasn't the end, but a beginning,
A beginning of a shadowed tale of mystic longing."

~ Peace and Love - VJ