Thursday, September 25, 2014

Innocence Is Joy

“Innocence is the joy of truly being carefree.
The desire to be a free spirit isn’t lost yet.”

Do you remember the childhood days? We were carefree and free spirited souls. The appetite and ability to take risks had no bounds. May be it was because we were so innocent that we didn’t even realize that something called risk existed. So did growing up and screw up the fun as we shed the element innocence?

I remember a kid in the picture I clicked at one of the railway station. He was totally zoned out from the world around. He smiled; he cried and then suddenly took off, running around the station exploring it in his own way. It was quiet a wild chase for his parents, but he was so unperturbed by all of it. When his mom lifted him off the ground and took him in her arms he smiled again.

It was such a joy to watch him, a truly free spirited soul. He connected with every stranger who passed by him when he was seated on the chair in the waiting lounge. He smiled at everyone who tried to make eye contact with him. He would stare for a while at you and then a small smile would blossom on his face. All that you could do looking at him at that moment was to smile back at him.

Dig deep within you and you would realize that the child exists within all of us too. Nothing can really kill the child within us. The desire to be truly free spirited isn’t lost yet. May be it’s time we wake up that child within.

-          VJ Says ~ Cheers and Peace

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