Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Conversation Continues....

There has been a long unexplained silence. No new blog post being penned... No words shared with the world... But then this can’t be forever. So the silence has thus been broken with this post. As the Cuban boy once said, "And here we meet once again".

A lot has happened between now and then. Many a thoughts took birth in my mind, a lot of them waned away, a few still stay afresh. But this is not a post to remember, cherish that has been forgotten.

Somewhere during this phase of silent thoughts and violent dreams there was a realization. It really shouldn’t matter when I pen down my thoughts, what others think. For all you know only a miniscule number of people might stumble upon to this blog. Even if many were to discover the blogs existence it wouldn’t matter. This blog, more than anything else, is a way I converse with myself.

Something that I realized off late, the element of introspection has been missing. To be it’s always been this blog. By staying away from doing so maybe I am pilling up way to much unaddressed thoughts than I should. But that being said, it sure isn’t going to be the same again.

VJ - Says ~ Cheers and Peace

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